HIGH SCHOOL grades 10, 11, 12 opens February 2, 2010 

ORPHANAGE to open by September 2010
COMMUNITY CENTER to open by January 2011 

FARM to open by April 2011



H.E.F. has initiated an Adopt-A-Family program where an individual or organization can become a parent sponsor and adopt a family that has migrated to Grande Saline, Haiti as a result of the earthquake.  The parent sponsor would make a monthly donation to the family and work with the family  on achieving mutual goals (for instance the parent sponsor and family may agree that the family needs a tent and set a goal for purchasing the tent by June 2010 in order for the family to move out of an overcrowded relative's home).  Other goals may include things such as purchasing a prosthetic arm or leg and receiving therapy, learning a trade, opening a business or going to school.  Each member of the family age 12 and above would be given a responsibility and goal to obtain.  The parent sponsor would receive monthly updates on the family and will be given the opportunity to visit the family at a specified time.  For more information about our programs, please contact us via email at haitienrichment@gmail.com   


H.E.F.'s motto is "building a people to rebuild a nation," and is dedicated to making the people of Haiti self-sufficient.  In an effort to do so, H.E.F. is looking for volunteers from all backgrounds and careers to devote their time and professionalism to our Apprentice Shop.  The community center will be built with professional contractors, engineers, electricians and general construction workers who will teach enlist the assistance of residents of Grande Saline to construct the center.  Residents will assist in everything from laying bricks, to wiring, to painting.  H.E.F. believes that the community will take more pride in maintaining the community center if it is built by the community.  The Apprentice Shop is open to teachers, firefighters, business professionals, sanitation workers, medical professionals, child care providers, customer service professionals and anyone else who has a desire to assist in rebuilding Haiti. For more information about our Apprentice Program please email us at haitienrichment@gmail.com 


H.E.F. will purchase farmland that will house crop vegetation, chickens, a cow, pigs and other farm animals.  Residents of Grande Saline would be responsible for the maintenance of the farm by producing fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs from the farm to be sold at the market.  The farm will be a productive avenue to producing jobs, stimulating the economy and providing goods for residents.